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Improving the comfort of your home

The average homeowner replaces their heating & cooling system at most 3 times in their lifetime. It seems overwhelming to make a large decision so infrequently, especially considering the ever-changing technology, the needs of your family members, and your budget.

Let us at Able Heating & Cooling help you take the guess work out of making your home comfortable - it's what we do on a daily basis!

high efficient  furnaces

The traditional way to heat your home, with higher efficiency!

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hybrid systems

Consider an outdoor unit that is similar to an air conditioner, but it heats your home too!

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Ductless heat pumps

Great for homes with troubling "hot" or "cool" spots, or baseboard heat. Take back your control of comfort!

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Air Conditioners

Keep your home cool without sacrificing your wallet, or energy bill!

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We provide free consultations to all homeowners looking to design a new system that will better fit their needs, whether that involves upgrading the existing HVAC equipment, improving indoor air quality, or lowering the amount of electricity/natural gas used to heat and cool the home. 

If you would like to schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our Home Solution Advisers, please feel free to give us a call at 503-579-2250, or send us an email to




One of the most important components of your heating & cooling system that is constantly overlooked is your thermostat. Without a proper functioning thermostat, the accuracy and comfort of your indoor temperature will suffer drastically. 


With today's technology, thermostats solely found on the wall are a thing in the past. We can now control the temperature of our homes with portable remotes or with an app on our phones to make our homes more comfortable. But don't let the thought of new technology deter you from updating your thermostat - these new controls can also save you money! With the ability to adjust where we want the most comfort (with the portable thermostat), or remotely turning the temperature up or down when leaving or returning home, you can reduce the amount of energy your system would have been using to heat and cool an empty space.     


Below are a few options of thermostats we currently offer, including thermostat manuals - just in case you lost your copy! 





  XL950 Communicating WiFi Thermostat




  XL1050 Communicating WiFi Thermostat






  XL850 Communicating WiFi Thermostat






  824 WiFi Thermostat






  624 Programmable Thermostat











T6 Pro WiFi Programmable Thermostat







  VisionPro 8000 Thermostat







   FocusPro 6000 Programmable Thermostat







   FocusPro 5000 Non-Programmable Thermostat







   Venstar WiFi Programmable Thermostat






   3rd Generation NEST Thermostat

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